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Ocean Nutrition Insant Baby Brine Shrimp

Ocean Nutrition Insant Baby Brine Shrimp

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  • Freshly hatched artemia (brine shrimp), already hatched and separated.
  • 20g pot, complete with feeding spoon.
  • Store for months; keep refrigerated
  • Suitable for any jellyfish.
  • Suitable for many marine and freshwater fish

Ocean Nutrition Instant Baby Brine Shrimp is freshly hatched artemina (brine shrimp), where the hatching and separation has already been done.

Extremely similar in appearance (and nutrition) to live baby brine shrimp.

Instant Brine Shrimp will last for many weeks even after having been opened (to be stored in the refrigerator).

These are sold in 20g pots, complete with feeding spoon.

Excellent buoyancy means the food remains in the water flow for up to an hour, allowing your jellyfish to easily feed on the dried brine shrimp.

Suitable for any jellyfish, also suitable for many freshwater and marine fish.

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