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O287 jellyfish aquarium starter kit

O287 jellyfish aquarium starter kit

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O287 Jellyfish Tank Starter Kit is perfect for those looking to keep jellyfish as pets for the first time.

What’s included…

The 2 Jellyfish Starter Kit comes complete with:

  • 1x Jellyfish aquarium O287
  • 30x Moon jellyfish
  • 3x Ocean nutrition baby brine schrimp
  • 1 x NO3 test
  • 5 x Filtration bacteria 30 ml
  • 1 x Most accurate refractometer
  • 10 x Red Sea Salt (2kg - 17 gallons)
  • 1 x cleaning set
  • 1 x Feeding pipette
  • 1x DC power supply
  • 1 x just one bag chemi-pure
  • 1x Inbuilt colour changing LED with remote control
  • 1x Silent pump
  • Filtration media

Tank size : 40 inches diameter, 14 inches depth

Water volume : 77 gallons

Why Moon Jellyfish?

Moon Jellyfish are the most popular and easiest of our species to look after. With no sting and beautiful appearance, especially under the tank’s lighting; Moon Jellies are the perfect starter choice of species.

Moon Jellies can also ‘heal up’ damage from missed water changes or poor water quality, so can deal with mistakes you might make in your first time keeping jellies.

Other jellyfish species are still easy to maintain, but have their own unique traits which require closer attention than Moons.

We have hand-picked this combination of tank and jellyfish to be ideal for first-time jellyfish owners.

What Maintenance Is Required?

Jellyfish are no harder to keep than fish, you just need to follow some simple instructions!

  • Feeding once a day
  • Change 10% of the tank’s water every week.
  • Clear up uneaten food debris as necessary.

What Else Do You Need?

Just add water and filtration bacteria to start cycling the tank.


  •  Jellyfish (these are delivered separately, on a date of your choice – we discuss the delivery date with you to ensure no hiccups!)
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