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JellyFuel - Food for jellies

JellyFuel - Food for jellies

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Technical Info:

○ Meant for Jellyfish 1+ inches in diameter

○ Optimal for Moon Jellies, Canonball and Lactoides jellies

○ A complete diet for Jellyfish, can be used alone or supplemented with other diets

 55% protein

This food is better than Baby Brine Schrimp, your tank will be less dirty and jellies will grow slightly bigger.

Our dry jellyfish food makes feeding your pet jellyfish a simple task. No hatching and enriching of brine shrimp required. You just rehydrate the food, and add it to the aquarium.

We’ve spent several years researching the most optimal diets for jellyfish in captivity. The results are this product. Jellyfish are largely composed of proteins and lipids, which means that they will need a diet that focuses on those two biomolecules. Our food is exceptionally high in protein (min. 55%) and HUFAs (min. 11%), while still managing to consider trace elements and minerals. Incredibly clean, JellyFuel stays together better than other products, meaning less waste and water discoloration. And most importantly, we utilize the food on our breeding systems daily. We wouldn’t offer a product if we didn’t absolutely love it.

This is an excellent food option for various species of jellyfish, especially those in the medium to large size. For smaller jellyfish, or those with smaller mouths, try JellyFuel Micro.

JellyFuel can be stored in its pouch at room temperature, as long as it is kept sealed and dry. Refrigerating it will increase shelf life. 

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