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Chemi-Pure Blue Nano

Chemi-Pure Blue Nano

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  • Chemi-Pure Blue Nano
  • 5 bags, 1 bag treats up to 20 litres of saltwater.
  • Keeps pH balanced and stable in your aquarium.
  • Is placed in with your tank’s sponge filter.
  • Treats up to 20 litres of water

Chemi-Pure Blue Nano has been created to keep pH stable and constant, ensuring your water remains at high quality for longer.

The pack includes 5 bags, each designed to treat up to 20 litres of saltwater.

Replace each bag every 3 months.

Reduces the risk of losing jellyfish due to pH changes, and helps to keep your tank’s water looking crystal clear.

Can also help where a jellyfish has lost appetite due a pH change of the water, and therefore can help to increase a jellyfish’s lifespan.

Chemi-Pure Blue Nano is placed with the tank’s normal bio media and therefore acts as an additional ‘filter’, it does not replace the normal bio media.

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