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Blue Cannonball Jellyfish

Blue Cannonball Jellyfish

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Given their name by their super-round shape, Blue Cannonball Jellyfish are energetic swimmers with a pretty appearance.

Blue Cannonball Jellies (Stomolophus Meleagris) is also referred to as the “cabbagehead jellyfish”, and are most commonly found in North American waters, but can also be found off the coast of Brazil and in some areas of the Pacific Ocean.

The bell of blue cannonball jellies is bright blue in colour, and can feature cream or dark markings around the edges of the bell.

With many oral arms that extend underneath the bell, these are used for collecting food and also for providing propulsion – these are some of the more active jellyfish species we provide.

In terms of food, this species is suitable for feeding with either dried food or live food (baby brine shrimp).

Blue Cannonball Jellyfish Facts

  • Lifespan: 18 months
  • Sting: None
  • Water Temperature: 20-28°C
  • Food: JellyFuel, Baby Brine Schrimp, Live artemia
  • Maximum Size: 4 inches
  • Compatible with: No other species. Must be kept only with other Cannonball Jellyfish.

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