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Alpha55 jellyfish aquarium

Alpha55 jellyfish aquarium

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Jellyfish Aquarium : Alpha 55

The simple Alpha 55 jellyfish aquarium combines style with functionality in order to be able to offer the jellyfish an aquarium like no other.

This aquarium was designed and invented exclusively for jellyfish and shows your jellyfish perfectly with its built-in LED light system. This aquarium offers a flow specially developed for jellyfish, which is necessary for the jellyfish to survive.

Our aquariums have a built-in modern filter system that ensures minimal maintenance.


The LED lighting system was specially developed for these aquariums. With the help of the remote control it is possible to choose between many different colors. The remote control has various functions such as selecting the color, brightness or changing between different colors. In addition, there are many pre-programmed options for a color change.

Filter technology:

The almost maintenance-free filter system uses chemical, mechanical and biological filters to keep the water in optimal condition. The excellent filter system ensures very clean water, which is very important for the health of the jellyfish. This filter technology creates the required circular flow, which is crucial for successful jellyfish keeping in the aquarium.

Scope of delivery:

  • Alpha 55 jellyfish aquarium
  • 1 circulation pump / filter technology
  • 1 filter sponge
  • 1 LED lamp with changing colors (10 W)
  • 1 remote control for the LED lighting system
  • Instructions
  • Size : L : 23,6 inches, W : 11 inches H : 23,6 inches
  • Volume : 15,9 gallons
  • Jellyfish inside : up to 20 pcs
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